POLLACKI is more than just your local avant-garde fashion label. Not only an artist with a vision and more than an artisan within his workshop.

At POLLACKI we combine the good old fashioned craftsmanship with contemporary concepts and cutting-edge technique in order to create limited collections of shoes and boots. Each and every single one of the pieces is unique. The entirety of the production process at POLLACKI is overseen by the designer. Not unlike the artisan mentioned, he handcrafts each product himself, appreciating the beauty and complexity of steps taken along the way. That’s why all of the pieces made are one of the kind, carrying the very soul of the label and its founder within. 

While our main base of operation is in Warsaw, Poland, we make products with (and for) a citizen of the world in mind – confident, open, self-aware and creative. Someone who appreciates design, quality and individuality. It could be anyone and everyone, if the shoe fits. And ours always do.

POLLACKI. Limited editions. Made to order.