We are an artistic shoe label that offer limited editions of hand crafted shoes and boots. All of them are made to order and on demand.

We combine the good old fashioned craftsmanship with contemporary concepts and cutting-edge technique in order to create limited collections of shoes and boots. Each and every single one of the pieces is unique.

Our craftsmanship is our pride. We offer the chance of individualization – every pair is custom hand dyed. The colors, the transitions and the tones in between make every product absolutely one of the kind. Impossible to imitate. The limit of the personalization here is your own imagination.

All of our products are made of high quality, natural materials. If you’re making something, you might as well put effort into it and make it last. While we value the simple and minimalistic design, we never go easy on the creative and production process. The custom collections are handcrafted with more than just one season in mind. Our shoes and boots only get better with time, becoming more and more you along the way.